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Student co-wrote book to help explain NFTs, cryptocurrency

Zsa Zsa Goldstrom co-authored a guide to help others understand the basics of cryptocurrency, non-fungible tokens, and blockchain, as well as learn ways to market the currency offerings.
University of Miami student Zsa Zsa Goldstrom with the book about NFTs and cryptocurrencies that she co-authored
Zsa Zsa Goldstrom co-authored the guide, “The Entrepreneurs Guide to Creating and Selling Cryptocurrency and NFTs.” Photo: Michelle Tulande/University of Miami

Since she was a young girl, Zsa Zsa Goldstrom has been fascinated by the world of finance and always knew that she wanted to help others succeed in entrepreneurship.

Now a first-year student at the University of Miami, Goldstrom, who is pursuing a Bachelor of Business Administration at the Miami Herbert Business School, has co-authored and produced a workbook that she said anyone interested in cryptocurrency and non-fungible tokens (NFTs) should read.

“The Entrepreneurs Guide to Creating and Selling Cryptocurrency and NFTs” is a carefully crafted beginner’s book that Goldstrom wants her peers and others to use.

Her inspiration comes from her father, who owns an exotic car dealership in Fort Lauderdale. One day while visiting her dad’s dealership, she met and spoke with a customer who changed the trajectory of her future. She co-authored the book with the customer, Robert Carp, and his son, Douglas.

The workbook, which is sold online, is divided into two halves. One half features an understandable guide that details the basics of cryptocurrency, blockchain, and the NFT marketplace. In this half of the book, the three authors also provide readers with step-by-step instructions on how to build a successful business model, white paper, and road map to create your own cryptocurrency initial coin offering (ICO) or NFT project, along with how to market them through social media and other advertising means.

The second half of the book offers readers 20 business model templates for cryptocurrency ICOs, tips on NFT creation and sales, and additional information about businesses in the Web3 industry. Published white papers, which provide real-world examples and inform readers about crypto assets that will create value for them long term, are included on a USB drive.


Zsa Zsa Goldstrom and Henrik Cronqvist, professor of finance at the Miami Herbert Business School.

Goldstrom’s mentor, Henrik Cronqvist, professor of finance at the Miami Herbert Business School, said that he believes her workbook is an awesome new resource that students can use to learn more about cryptocurrencies and NFTs.

“My first impression of Zsa Zsa was entrepreneurial, smart, and driven to have an impact on business as well as society more broadly,” said Cronqvist. “She is a great role model and advocate for young entrepreneurs in South Florida and beyond.”

Across the globe, cryptocurrencies and NFTs, or one-of-a-kind digitally represented assets, are growing exponentially in popularity. According to Reuters, sales are currently mounting at billions of dollars and new interests are entering the market every second.

Goldstrom initially hesitated to invest in cryptocurrencies and NFTs in 2018 until she witnessed someone close to her excel in the market—her younger brother.

But after seeing him get involved and become prosperous within just two years, coupled with meeting Carp and his son that day at her father’s dealership, she felt it was fate positioning her to bring her idea to fruition to help educate others.

“I felt I have been educating myself in the industry for the past few years. I couldn’t just stand around watching,” said Goldstrom. “I really needed to pursue a path in it.”

Today, Goldstrom is deeply enthusiastic and involved with the educational and service side of the industry. Currently, she is looking to work with universities and colleges around the country to implement the book into their curriculums.

“I’m specifically looking into connecting with educational institutions because many people my age are looking into building their crypto startups and need direction,” said Goldstrom. She is currently helping create a NFT project specifically for the Miami Herbert Business School.

“The University of Miami is a great place to be for students who are interested in getting involved with cryptocurrency and NFTs to thrive,” said Goldstrom, who is in the early stages of founding a blockchain club on the Coral Gables Campus.

“The path that I personally enjoy more is teaching a person to build their own startup by giving them the tools to educate themselves so that they can create a long-term successful business,” she said. “I really believe in the value of this book and what it can do for someone’s future.”