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Career Crawl reaches the Big Apple

Toppel Career Center and the College of Arts and Sciences collaborate to offer students a trip to New York City to visit local companies and alumni to learn about different career paths.
NYC Career Crawl
More than a dozen students traveled to New York City over spring break and met with representatives of several companies.

The University of Miami Toppel Career Center selected 16 students from the College of Arts and Sciences for Career Crawl, an all-expense paid trip to New York City over spring break where students can immerse themselves in a potential work environment and company culture, while gaining insight into future career prospects related to their degree. 

Over the course of four days, the students had the opportunity to meet with local professionals from various industries including Estée Lauder Companies, Bloomberg, CBS News, and Schonfeld Strategic Advisors; connect with University of Miami alumni; visit the Museum of Modern Art; and watch Aladdin on Broadway. 

“The College of Arts and Sciences co-sponsored Career Crawl to enable our students to gain valuable insight into career opportunities in New York City,” said Leonidas G. Bachas, dean of the College of Arts and Sciences, who traveled with the students. “While visiting companies, students learned about future internship and job possibilities and how they can prepare for these opportunities at the University of Miami.”  

Rachel Amezcua Bahadue, assistant director of career services, supervises the program. The competitive program attracted close to 100 applications this cycle, conducted interviews with 48 applicants, and ultimately selected 16 students. 

“Career Crawls are an immersive experience where students get to learn not only about the companies that they’re visiting, but the city and the culture of where these companies are located,” said Bahadue. “They all come from very different majors, but I was hoping that this trip was going to help all of the students open up their minds and see what they can do with their major.” 

Lilith Rosenfeld, a junior studying painting, sculpture, and mixed media, said the timing of the trip was ideal. It has motivated her to strive towards her career aspirations and has boosted her confidence in both her and her artistic journey. 

“Listening to alumnus and the former Student Government president Landon Coles and Keisha Raghoo of Estée Lauder speak was wonderful,” said Rosenfeld. “As the only art major on the trip, I wasn’t sure what I would get out of this but at the end of the day, they really inspired me.” 

Taylor Shirk, a sophomore studying computer science, said her most memorable moment from the trip was visiting Estée Lauder. 

“Landon Coles at Estée Lauder was an incredible speaker and his presentation on ‘Mastering the Pivot’ was informative and encouraging,” said Shirk. “I loved his recommendations for having a clear career goal but being ready for the path to change. That is something that resonated with me.” 

Following the trip, Shirk has already set up meetings with two of the professionals she met while on the trip to continue learning more about their work experiences.

“The trip was a whirlwind,” she exclaimed. “We had a very full schedule, and I appreciated the efficient use of time. I am very thankful for the Toppel Career Center for organizing this trip and planning so many exciting tours and panels.”

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