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Herbert Challenge aims to shape business school’s future

The Herbert Centennial Scholarship Challenge is set to inspire alumni and supporters and amplify their contributions toward the ongoing success of Miami Herbert Business School by matching gifts to endowed scholarships.
Miami Herbert Challenge
The University of Miami Patti and Allan Herbert Business School. Photo: University Communications

In a generous and transformative move, George I. Stoeckert has made a significant donation to the University of Miami Patti and Allan Herbert Business School, demonstrating a profound commitment to education and future business leaders. 

The family’s gift marks the first matching fund initiative for the Herbert Centennial Scholarship Challenge and doubling the gift’s total value. 

George Stoeckert
George Stoeckert

This Herbert Challenge aims to double the impact of donations, thereby increasing the resources available for scholarships and attracting top-tier students to Miami Herbert Business School. George Stoeckert, who received an M.B.A. from the school in 1972, made this significant gift to honor Interim Dean Ann Olazábal and former Dean John Quelch for their exceptional leadership. Stoeckert believes that the visionary guidance of both deans has been instrumental in the school's growth and success. 

“I am deeply honored by this extraordinary gesture from our alumnus,” said Olazábal. “The Herbert Centennial Scholarship Challenge enhances our ability to support deserving students and underscores our commitment to academic excellence and leadership development. Together, we are shaping the future of business education at Miami Herbert.” 

Stoeckert also reflected on his own journey through the business world and his time at Miami Herbert Business School, describing how his initial plan to study psychology in graduate school pivoted to a successful career in business, thanks to an opportunity provided by the business school. He credits his business education with significantly shaping his career, allowing him to meet influential people, run domestic and international businesses, and achieve significant success for those businesses. These experiences inspired Stoeckert’s desire to give back to the institution that laid the foundation for his achievements. 

“I hope to provide future students with the same opportunities that I had. This matching fund initiative is a fantastic way to maximize the impact of our contributions, effectively doubling the resources available to the business school,” Stoeckert said.

The Herbert Centennial Scholarship Challenge is set to run through the course of Ever Brighter: The Campaign for Our Next Century, concluding on December 31, 2025, or until all allocated funds are distributed. All newly endowed graduate or undergraduate scholarships of $150,000 or more will receive a one-to-one match. Furthermore, new gifts to an already endowed scholarship will also be matched one-to-one.

“We want to attract topflight students into the program,” Stoeckert said. “We want to ensure that Miami Herbert can compete with the best graduate business institutions out there, and offering substantial scholarships is a key part of that strategy. It’s not just about financial support; it’s about enhancing the school’s reputation and ensuring that deserving students have access to quality education.”

Reflecting on the broader implications of his gift, Stoeckert highlighted the importance of leadership in today’s business world. He advised future business students to focus on developing their leadership capabilities and creative thinking, noting that these skills are crucial for long-term success in business. “We have plenty of managers, but what we need are leaders. Leadership is about more than just managing tasks; it’s about inspiring, motivating, and guiding others toward a common goal,” he said.