Wearing a mask helps ’Canes care for ’Canes

By Amanda M. Perez

Wearing a mask helps ’Canes care for ’Canes

By Amanda M. Perez
University of Miami leadership explain why wearing a mask is critically important for the health and safety of students, faculty, and staff.

As the University of Miami prepares for the new academic year and the return of students to campuses in this extraordinarily challenging time, it is imperative that the University community commits to following one of the simplest and most important safety measures: wear a face covering. 

According to Dr. Henri Ford, dean and chief academic officer at the Miller School of Medicine, a face covering protects you and everyone around you. 

“The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention confirms that when they are widely used in public settings, the consistent and proper use of masks reduces the spread of COVID-19, as they are a simple but effective barrier to help prevent respiratory droplets and aerosols from traveling into the air and onto other people when you talk, cough, or sneeze. They also provide this same protection to you,” explained Ford. 

To protect the public health of the University community, everyone is required to adhere to safety standards established for the campuses and the workplace. Procedures for return to the University of Miami are guided by the four pillars to help slow the spread which include: 1) testing, tracing, tracking; 2) cleaning and disinfecting; 3) protecting personal space; and 4) vaccinating.  

As part of the third pillar, Jeffrey Duerk, executive vice president for academic affairs and provost, emphasizes that face coverings are mandatory at all times while in public spaces on our campuses, whether indoors or outdoors.

“As the University works tirelessly to help mitigate the spread of the virus, we must all commit to the spirit of ’Canes caring for ’Canes.  We are each responsible for our actions, and how we confront the challenges we will face in the fall will make a significant impact on the well-being of our fellow ’Canes,” Duerk said.

As a public health professional with 36 years of experience, University President Julio Frenk said he cannot emphasize enough that keeping our community safe in the face of a contagious virus will require each one of us to act responsibly.  

“We will drive responsible behavior quite simply with a zero tolerance for violations on campus. Students who fail to comply with what we have all agreed to will face disciplinary measures up to and including suspension,” Frenk stated in a recent video that addressed the reopening of campus. 

Patricia A. Whitely, vice president for student affairs, wants the campus community to know that our health experts at UHealth have worked tirelessly for months providing exceptional medical care.

“Throughout the summer, hundreds, if not thousands, of University employees have dedicated countless hours preparing our campus for a safe Fall Semester. Now, it is time for all members of our ’Canes community to do their part in helping to slow the spread by wearing a face covering anytime you are in public,” said Whitely.